Brake & Clutch Repairs in Maidstone

Here at No.1 Auto Service And Tyre centre our wealth of industry experience has been taking care of the clutch and brake repairs all across Victoria for thirty years. Utilizing the modern methods and tools our repair and servicing centre crew of brake repairs Footscray and Brake repairs Maribyrnong are able to provide an array of services at an affordable cost ranging from vehicle repairs-servicing specialist clutch and brake-diagnosing servicing, wherein after the completion of work a report is being given to the clients and customers which supports the following job responsibilities:

  • Under Bonnet
  • Clutch
  • Front And Rear Brakes
  • Park Brake
  • Hydraulics
  • Internal Inspection

Performing the mechanical tasks is not the ultimate area of focus upon which our fully qualified mechanics of Brake repairs Braybrook works upon, but they also act as a specialist expert suggesting that the brakes must be checked regularly-i.e. at least twice a year. Moreover, what adds efficiency to our repairing and servicing element is that we also offer parts and general mechanical repairs in Melbourne. Thus, if you’re looking for a trouble-free vehicle and efficient mode of services, contact the No. 1 Auto service and Tyre centre mechanics at 03 9318 1375 / [email protected]

Brake & Clutch

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