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Maintenance of your car is not an easy task these days, especially given the technology that you find under its hood. To ensure that your car gets the best care, you require the services of a trusted car mechanic. No.1 Auto Service is that one-stop shop where you will get quality and cheap car service deals for your vehicle. We provide the best auto service in Maribyrnong and our loyal customers in the suburb know it.

We provide a wide range of car mechanic services in Maribyrnong. Whether it be engine repairs, auto electrical repairs, tyre balancing, wheel alignment, brake repairs or transmission service, our certified mechanics can take care of it all.

We offer complete tyre repair and replacement service. When you bring your car to us, we not only offer you cheap tyres, but we also ensure that they are installed properly. Our experts conduct all the required wheel alignment and tyre balancing tests to ensure that your tyres are roadworthy. We also check your brakes to see if they are functioning well.

Our engine repair work is thorough and meticulous. We ensure that there is nothing that could possibly go wrong with the heart of your vehicle when it leaves our workshop. We not only take care of the timing belt change, but we also focus on making sure that your transmission servicing is done right.

New cars come with a wide range of tech. For this reason, No.1 Auto Service also offers the best auto electrical services in Maribyrnong. If you have any issues with your dashboard kits, air conditioning, lights, etc, do not hesitate – just bring over your ride to our workshop and let us take care of it.

Trusted Car Repair Shop in Maribyrnong

At No.1 Auto Service, we believe in creating and maintaining our reputation by building it up with trust. Our customers in Maribyrnong know very well that our car mechanic services are second to none and that they can rely on it without any doubt. The trust that has been placed on our car service has also made us the most reliable workshop for logbook servicing and roadworthy inspection.

You require a roadworthy test to register your vehicle and ascertain whether it is fit to drive on Australian roads. We conduct a wide range of tests and checks to make sure that you have the most able piece of machine in your possession. If we find that your vehicle is not in the right shape, then we will recommend repairs which you will be able to get at our workshop, thus saving you a lot of time. Our experts have been certified by the state and are qualified to award roadworthy certificates.

We offer logbook servicing for many different brands of cars. We know which model requires what kind of yearly tweaks and tuning to keep then running smoothly. Oil change, checking the tyre pressure, and a quick check-up for the electronics on board – we can get it all done under one roof. We also maintain our own logbook for regular customers so that we are aware of the work to be done on those vehicles.

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For all your car service needs in Maribyrnong, call No.1 Auto Service. Our certified car mechanics not only provide full vehicular check-ups, but we also offer a range of car services and repairs. If you want to hire the services of our crew, then call now at (03) 9318 1375 and book an appointment with us.

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