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According to the motor vehicle laws stipulated by the State of Victoria, a certificate of roadworthiness is required to prove that your vehicle is safe enough to be driven on public roads. A roadworthy certificate or an RWC is required when you sell a vehicle and when it is being re-registered. An RWC may also be required to clear some defect notices. But where can you get a roadworthy inspection done to get the required clearances?

At Braybrook, many have put their faith in No.1 Auto Service to get their roadworthy inspection done. Our experts know exactly what VicRoads wants to be cleared in a RWC certificate and they not only conduct those checks accordingly, but they also offer suggestions and recommendations that you can use to improve the roadworthiness of your vehicle. For well over a decade, we have been the go-to workshop for many in the suburb and the quality of our services proves it.

We also offer logbook servicing for various makes and models of cars. A logbook service is a simple proactive approach for better car maintenance. With regular inspections at our workshop, we help to keep your vehicle running efficiently. To achieve this efficiency, we follow the manufacturer’s logbook to check and record the various tests that need to be done. This not only helps in maintaining the vehicle’s smooth functioning, but it also allows us to pre-empt any possible damage or breakdown.

Based on quality car services such as these, we have been able to build a great customer base for ourselves in Braybrook.

Over 10 Years of Car Servicing Experience with Affordable Prices

Our car mechanics have a vast amount of experience in dealing with a wide range of car services. This experience has been gathered over the past decade with our team gaining specialisation on multiple fronts when it comes to car services. We provide cheap automotive service deals and quality work. This is one among the many reasons that has made us famous in Braybrook.

Though our prices are affordable, we never compromise on the commitment we place on our services. We offer full engine repairs along with a terrific transmission service. You can also conduct extra checks to make sure if you need a timing belt change. While running tests on your tyres, we do everything we can to assure you the safest set of wheels for your car. We offer cheap tyre replacement along with a through wheel alignment and tyre balancing service. If we spot something to be wrong with your tyres, then do not worry. You can choose the best and the latest wheels from our tyre shop.

Our experts also offer the best auto electrical care for your vehicles. Cars today have a wide variety of tech available in them and there is a good possibility of them developing some form of error. It does not matter if the onboard software for your car has developed a glitch or if a circuit board has fired up, our expert car mechanics know how to restore them. We also offer checks for many other electronics in your car like the air conditioner, lights, locks, sensors, and dashboard kits.

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No.1 Auto Service is truly the number one car service in Braybrook. Out team of expert mechanics can take care of practically any problem that your car could face. If you want to know more about the services that we offer, then call on (03) 9318 1375 and talk to us today.

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