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No.1 Auto Service has been providing the best car mechanic services in Maidstone for over ten years. For any type for car mechanical repair, you can step into our workshop and let our certified experts take care of all your worries. We have a wide range of services to offer our customers at our car repair garage and many of our regular clients know that we give the best cheap car service deals in Maidstone.

At No.1 Auto Service, we provide the best tyre repair service. We have an in-house tyre shop where you can select the best tyres for your car. If you are looking for a temporary replacement, then do not hesitate to ask our mechanics about the cheap tyres we have on offer. These tyres are ideal for short term usage. Besides this, we also provide wheel alignment and tyre balancing services to double check on the tyre installation. This provides an extra layer of security for your wheels when you roll the car out of our garage. But our services don’t end there. We also give your brakes a quick check to see if your car requires any repairs. If any such repairs are needed, our qualified car mechanics will be more than happy to take care of them.

We provide auto electrical services. Whether it be your air conditioner, dashboard electronics, lights, indicators or onboard software, our expert technicians can handle repairs and test for them without any hassles. We have worked on auto electronics for many different car models and brands. We have a good amount of experience in dealing with the most complicated issues that these sophisticated machines have thrown at us.

Our certified mechanics also take care of your car’s engine repairs. If you ever feel that there is a certain drag you are experiencing, or if you hear some unusual sounds from under your hood, then that could mean that there is something wrong with your engine. At No.1 Auto Service, we have the capability of running diagnostics that can help detect the flaws that are causing these problems. Whether you need a timing belt change, or you require a proper transmission service, our mechanics will be able to decipher these requirements and offer the best possible solutions for them.

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Car mechanics at No.1 Auto Service have been known to provide the best and the most professional car service in Maidstone. That’s why, many vehicle owners in the area trust us when it comes to certified auto repairs for roadworthy inspections and logbook servicing.

Roadworthy inspections are required for vehicles to operate on Victorian roads. They are also required for registration purposes. At No.1 Auto Service, our car mechanics conduct all the tests to ensure if your vehicle is roadworthy or not. They have in-depth knowledge about the rules and regulations that govern the acquisition of a roadworthy certificate and conduct the required checks and balances accordingly.

For logbook servicing, we make sure that your car is maintained according to the manufacturer’s requirements. We follow the logbook that comes along with your car to make sure that all the tests and checks have been completed as per the required standards.

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