“What is the ideal Car Service schedule?” – A question which bugs everyone!

You save your hard-earned money, buy a car and then use it, but what next? To ensure that you get the most out of this investment and avoid seeing your car in the terrible condition, you should make time for servicing your car periodically.

But, many people in Braybrook and overall world stay confused regarding the frequency with which car servicing should be taken. Well, there is no uniform number for this, as it depends on the make and model of your car, its age & present condition, accidents (if it had gone through any in the past), etc.

Generally, experts suggest some standards for Car Service in Braybrook, which are – 20000 KM or 12 months, whichever occurs first, and 10000 KM or 6 months, with the same rule that whichever occurs first. The first case here applies to the cars which are relatively in good condition and the second case applies to the cars which are old.

Again, it’s not necessary that these standards have to be followed with each and every vehicle, and so to help you out, we have listed down some points which you should look out for to determine whether it’s time for the next Car Service or not.

Keep an eye on the following for getting suitable Car Service in Footscray, Maribyrnong, and other Suburbs.

 Apart from servicing your car at the regular intervals, you need to pay a visit to the workshop on noticing the below issues:

  1. Strange or Unusual sounds – Knocking, rattling, squealing, clunking, etc. are just some of the sounds that can come from different parts of the vehicle if the concerned part or component is not working well. You should take your car to the service centre without making any delay.
  2. Slow start or acceleration – Slow cranking can be a result of the fault in your car battery system or a worn out starter motor. Sometimes it also happens due to the wrong wiring in your vehicle. Our trained mechanics can find out the exact reason and take corrective measures easily.
  3. Difficulty in taking a turn – Even a small error in the wheels and differentials can make the otherwise smooth process of turning your car on the road very troublesome and thereby pose risk to your safety. We can undertake wheel alignment and replace tyres as well at the nominal charges.
  4. Oils not changed since long – Though your car might be running perfectly, if oils and fluids have not been changed from the long period, you owe a visit the centre for Car Service in Maribyrnong.
  5. Long or frequent drives – If you have recently driven your car to the distant destination or have indulged in short trips (which require continuous starting & stopping), getting it checked by the experienced technicians at our Car Repair & Service Shop wouldn’t hurt you and your pocket.

A prudent approach to the car servicing is that whenever you feel that your car is behaving differently from the usual, you should consult the mechanic.

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