You don’t need to be a Car Mechanic to determine the need of a new car battery

“Battery is one of the low maintenance parts of the Car”, if you have raised your eyebrows reading this, just take a minute and think about the functioning of your car’s battery.

We know you don’t have to be a car mechanic or an expert, and so we have made it easy for you –

  • The battery recharges itself while you are driving the car, thus eliminating the need for regular checks or maintenance unlike fuel, oils, etc.
  • If it goes flat due to excessive use or wear & tear, you can charge the battery through the automatic battery charger.
  • Periodic cleaning and a little bit of care can extend the life of your car battery.

You can also visit experienced Car Mechanic serving Braybrook for the battery inspection as a matter of precaution to detect the problems in the early stage.

However, as everything has an expiry date, the battery of your vehicle also stops working completely one day, which is often described as ‘damaged’ or ‘worn-out’ battery. And not to mention, it is the issue which troubles most of the car owners as they fail to notice the warning signs which their vehicle shows. If you have encountered such situation in the past, we have listed down some points which you can look out for.

Symptoms that suggest consulting Car mechanic in Footscray and neighbouring Suburbs

Your battery needs replacement in the following circumstances:

  • ‘Check Engine Indicator’ – At times, this indicator light flashes due to low or weak battery power, and so you should get your vehicle checked immediately.
  • Slow cranking – On turning the ignition on, if your vehicle takes longer than usual to start, it is definitely a sign of the bad battery.
  • Eggy smell – If you observe that the battery is stinking same as a rotten egg, then it must be leaking. You can also spot leakage from the corrosion.
  • Low battery fluid – When the battery fluid level goes below the lead plates, having the battery tested is the most favourable option.
    (You can monitor the level of the battery fluid through the translucent part of the battery casing.)
  • Swollen battery case – The effect of the overheated battery spreads to the case and makes it bloated

Once your car battery gets 3 to 4 years old, you should visit the workshop for regular inspection, so that you don’t see yourself on the road with a dead battery, waiting for the help.

As a reputed Car Mechanic in Maribyrnong, Braybrook, and other Suburbs, we can assure you that you would get the best service for the car battery, alternator, engine, tyres, and so on.

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